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Snakeskin Brands chooses Katya Williams Photography

December 2013 / Huntington Beach, CA

“It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about the prom, your cousin’s wedding or a red carpet event. You offer your bent arm to your date. She looks absolutely fine and you can feel all the eyes on the two of you as every man turns your favorite color – envy. As you greet each guest you realize there is one common ingredient to every salutation. Women comment on other women. That’s when we realized that we absolutely have to have a female photographer. And not just any woman. She has to have a keen eye for balance, composition, lighting and content. She has to know how to make models feel comfortable. She has to be able to take charge of the studio. And after all that, she has to deliver dozens of aesthetically beautiful shots that align with Snakeskin Brands’ philosophy of being both cutting-edge and tasteful. This led us to one woman — Katya Williams. We like to think we discovered her but it was someone of higher authority. Thank you Destiny!”  – Snakeskin Brands